Wah mee gambling and social club

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Sunday marks 35 years since the Wah Mee Massacre The name comes from the club that used to operate there underneath the Louisa Hotel: Something easily overshadowed in the horrific end to the Wah Mee club is that it was a speakeasy and social Paroled Wah Mee Massacre participant deported to Hong Kong In the early morning hours of Feb. 19, 1983, the trio entered the Wah Mee Social Club, a back-alley gambling club in Seattle’s International District, and hogtied, robbed and shot 14 patrons, killing all but one. Tony Ng fled to Canada, and Mak and Benjamin Ng …

Through historic photographs, newspaper reports, court documents, original reporting and interviews with many people close to the case, "Wah Mee" -- a true-crime, regional history e-book that began as a serialized newspaper feature by award-winning journalist Todd Matthews -- recounts this story. For more information, please visit wahmee.com.

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Las Vegas shooter has ties to Central Florida - WKMG Oct 02, 2017 · Las Vegas shooter has ties to Central Florida Stephen Paddock lived in Viera from 2013 to 2015. Feb. 18, 1983 - Three men enter the Wah Mee gambling and social club in …

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Wah Mee massacre - Wikipedia The Wah Mee massacre ... Wai-Chiu "Tony" Ng, and Benjamin Ng (no relation) bound, robbed, and shot fourteen people in the Wah Mee gambling club at the Louisa Hotel in Chinatown-International District, Seattle. Thirteen of their victims died, but Wai Chin, a dealer at the Wah Mee, survived to testify against the three in the separate high ... 23 years haven’t erased grief caused by Wah Mee Massacre ... 23 years haven’t erased grief caused by Wah Mee Massacre ... Wah Mee was an exclusive gambling and social club with an alleyway entrance and high security. But after Feb. 18, 1983, when three ... Man convicted in Wah Mee Massacre granted parole | The ...